What to bring?

Please know that with the exception of medications, any special diets, and updated vaccination certificates, it is not necessary for you to bring items from home unless you choose to do so. We can provide your pet with bedding, toys and treats (should they desire) while they are with us. If however, you wish to bring some personal items, we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss to your pets belongings.

The following are some guidelines that we respectfully request you adhere to:

  • Bedding: We can provide all of the necessary bedding for your pet. We have a variety of different styles of beds to accommodate the different needs of our guests. If you choose to bring bedding from home we ask that it be tidy and clean and clearly labeled with pets last name.
  • Toys & Chewies: We have a wide variety of pet safe toys like Kong's, Tug's, and squeak toy's that we are happy to provide. All have been cleaned & sanitize for your pets safety. If you should bring toys from home, we ask that they are all marked with your pet's last name.
  • Medication: Should your dog require medication during the day, it must be in the pharmacy container, labeled with your name, your pet’s name, the type of medication, and the dosage by the prescribing Veterinarian. Owner must write a letter, as to their pet's medications preferred dosing, should there be any deviation from the prescribed medication.
  • Food & Treats: Food should be in a hard-sided container, or the original bag labeled with your pet’s name, your last name, meal portion ( US standard measure ~ like 1/2 cup), and frequency. Please no zip lock baggies. We provide kennel treats (lamb & rice biscuit's) for your dog during the day. Should your dog have allergies, you may bring your own treats from home. Meat bones as a general rule are not allowed.

  • Clothing: For inclement weather, please feel free to bring sweaters.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your pet’s other boarding needs.