Est 1986

Klassic Tails Inn is a Boutique Dog and Cat Boarding Facility. Serving Eugene, Springfield and the Central Oregon Coast, located in Elmira, Oregon. The kennel is an owner-occupied, family-run business. At Klassic Tails Inn, we treat all are quests like a member of the extended KTI family because they are staying in very special home away from home.

Additional services include:

  • Extra play / walk excursions
  • Shuttle services to and from home or airport.
  • Geriatric pet care
  • Pet bathing services
  • Spacious kitty condos

These services are all in a heated and air conditioned facility with large indoor and outdoor runs for our K-9 friends, which includes daily individualized care where your pets special needs can be met. They will enjoy fun playtimes (turn outs) 3 times daily in spacious exercise areas, which lends itself to your pets mental and physical well being. Consider Klassic Tails Inn as an upscale resort vacation spot for your V.I.P. pet, all set in a lovely wooded peaceful environment.



Dog Boarding

  • 1 dog REG $28.

  • 2 dogs REG $48.

  • 3+ dogs REG $22. ea

Boarding rates are based on 24hr stay ~ not the calendar day


Dog Boarding *Senior Rate* 

  • 1 dog SEN $25.

  • 2 dogs SEN $42.

  • 3+ dogs SEN $19. ea

*Senior rates are based on owners aged 62 or older


Cattery rate

  • 1 Cat REG $18.

  • 2 Cats REG $32.

  • 3+ Cats $14. ea


All pricing as of 02/01/2019


Cattery     *Senior Rate*

  • 1 Cat SEN $16.

  • 2 Cats SEN $28.

  • 3+ Cats SEN $12. ea

Multiple Pet Discount

Multiple pet discounts are based on 2 or more sharing the same location.

  • If at anytime it becomes unsafe to house multiple dogs in the same location, a pet may be removed to a single location, at owners expense.

  • Pets boarded in the same location must be from the same household.

  • We are unable to board feline and k-9 guests together.



Excursions offer a great way to release a dog’s nervous or excited energy, by walking or playing with a handler, in a peaceful and neutral setting. The extra play time, creates a truly enriching experience for pets boarded with us. The excursions are an additional service to the 3 times a day turnouts that are offered to every pet boarded at Klassic Tails Inn.

2 Mile Country Walks


We walk at comfortable pace down Knight Rd about 1 mile and then turn back giving your dog the opportunity to see cows, horses or maybe even deer. Being walked on a secure 6ft lead allows your pet the opportunity to meander and sniff their way along the country road. Safety is a top priority while away from the facility safeguards, and always used to insure a safe and rewarding experience for your pet.

Extra Play yard


Wow!! What fun to run and play at their own pace. The play yard is a off leash dog park with a handler to provide direction and positive reinforcement. Play yard excursions can be a real workout if your dog love’s to fetch. We offer Balls, Frisbees’, and assorted other toys to challenge and engaged your pet in the play yard. If your dog is not a fetcher, that's ok we will keep them active and excited with play yard games. We offer a pet pool in the summer months for those dogs that love to swim or enjoy taking a quick dip.

Cat Play Sessions


Cat toys and Cat nip ~ Oh Meow!

Extra Play Excursions

2 mile walk / 1 mile walk / gentle walk / Extra play yard / Cattery play

  • $15.00 per session approximately 30~45 minutes

  • Additional fee of $5.00 per walk will be applied to guests that have to be solo.

  • Two pets from same household are just one fee of $15.00 per excursion

  • Please note Excursions are in addition to the three times a day turnouts provided as part of our boarding service.

Spa Time

There is nothing better than a freshly bathed dog to return home with after a vacation!

Small Dog $15. / Medium Dog $20. / Large Dog $25. / Cats $20. w/quote

Extra Large or Coated Breeds $30.-$55. w/quote

Nail Trims $10. 

Daily Brush-outs $2.


Bathing Services Include:

Deep cleaning shampoo with a conditioning rinse, leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean.

For your pet's health and cleanliness, ears are cleaned and the hair on the pads of your pet's feet are trimmed (nails can be trimmed for an additional charge).

Pets are towel dried to remove excessive water and then blow-dried using a canine dryer that will fluff the coat, leaving your pet's coat feeling soft and looking fantastic.

Dogs and cats are brushed before bath, during bath, and after blow-dry, but any excessive hair removal, such as mats or heavy shedding of coat, due to seasonal change, may result in an additional charge.

Flea treatment (upon request or need at the point of check-in; additional charge will apply).

Non-boarding clients are welcome by appointment only. Call today schedule a bath today!

Let us take the hassle out of getting from there to here or back again.

  • Pickup or Delivery $25 –$65 each way.
  • A simple pick/up or delivery from or to your home.
  • We provide transportation for you to the Eugene Airport or Eugene Train station and then shuttle your pet on to the KTI facility.
  • You can park your vehicle here at the KTI facility, and our team will transport you to and from the Eugene Airport or the Eugene Train station ~ only $25. each way
  • Service offered throughout Lane County
  • Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm only
  • Please allow 48 hrs. notice for this service.

call today for a quote!