It is recommended that a pet is fed the same diet it receives at home. Switching your pet's diet, may cause gastrointestinal problems and unnecessary stress for your pet. Kibble & Canned food from home is allowed, and at no additional charge.

If you prefer to use the kennel provided brands that is free of charge, please note the latest brand name and protein source, such as chicken, lamb, or beef based diet, so we can match up as closely as possible, our brands of food to yours. It will minimize digestion problems and possibility of stool interruption.   

  • If providing your own pet's food ~ please bring it in a hard sided container, such as Tupperware, or the original bag with your pet's name, and feeding amounts clearly stated on the side. Please no zip lock plastic bags.
  • We ask that if you are providing your own pet's food, you bring enough for their stay + two extra days. Just in case you are delayed in your return.

K-9 House Kibble:

No additional charge

• Kirkland ~ Lamb & Rice or Chicken & Rice

• Pedigree

Raw or homemade pet food that is frozen or refrigerated will be charged a daily prep of $2. per day.


Premium FOOD:

Dry Kibble and Canned

Premium Kibble: .50 per cup based on each feeding

• Science Diet ~ Original Adult, W/D

• IAMS ~ Original, Lamb & Rice

• Nutro ~ Natural Lamb & Rice



Feline House Kibble:

No additional charge

• Kirkland Feline


• Friskies