Spa Time

There is nothing better than a freshly bathed dog to return home with after a vacation!

Small Dog $15. / Medium Dog $20. / Large Dog $25. / Cats $20. w/quote

Extra Large or Coated Breeds $30.-$55. w/quote

Nail Trims $10. 

Daily Brush-outs $2.


Bathing Services Include:

Deep cleaning shampoo with a conditioning rinse, leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean.

For your pet's health and cleanliness, ears are cleaned and the hair on the pads of your pet's feet are trimmed (nails can be trimmed for an additional charge).

Pets are towel dried to remove excessive water and then blow-dried using a canine dryer that will fluff the coat, leaving your pet's coat feeling soft and looking fantastic.

Dogs and cats are brushed before bath, during bath, and after blow-dry, but any excessive hair removal, such as mats or heavy shedding of coat, due to seasonal change, may result in an additional charge.

Flea treatment (upon request or need at the point of check-in; additional charge will apply).

Non-boarding clients are welcome by appointment only. Call today schedule a bath today!