Excursions offer a great way to release a dog’s nervous or excited energy, by walking or playing with a handler, in a peaceful and neutral setting. The extra play time, creates a truly enriching experience for pets boarded with us. The excursions are an additional service to the 3 times a day turnouts that are offered to every pet boarded at Klassic Tails Inn.

2 Mile Country Walks


We walk at comfortable pace down Knight Rd about 1 mile and then turn back giving your dog the opportunity to see cows, horses or maybe even deer. Being walked on a secure 6ft lead allows your pet the opportunity to meander and sniff their way along the country road. Safety is a top priority while away from the facility safeguards, and always used to insure a safe and rewarding experience for your pet.

Extra Play yard


Wow!! What fun to run and play at their own pace. The play yard is a off leash dog park with a handler to provide direction and positive reinforcement. Play yard excursions can be a real workout if your dog love’s to fetch. We offer Balls, Frisbees’, and assorted other toys to challenge and engaged your pet in the play yard. If your dog is not a fetcher, that's ok we will keep them active and excited with play yard games. We offer a pet pool in the summer months for those dogs that love to swim or enjoy taking a quick dip.

Cat Play Sessions


Cat toys and Cat nip ~ Oh Meow!

Extra Play Excursions

2 mile walk / 1 mile walk / gentle walk / Extra play yard / Cattery play

  • $13.00 per session approximately 30~45 minutes

  • Additional fee of $3.00 per walk will be applied to guests that have to be walked alone.

  • Two pets from same household are just one fee of $13.00 per excursion

  • Please note Excursions are in addition to the provide three times daily turnouts