Safe from the curious eyes of our canine guests, your cat can enjoy a relaxing stay with us at Klassic Tails Inn.  Each suite comes with soft bedding for comfortable catnaps, and twice-daily room service delivery of your feline’s favorite food.  Maid service is also offered three times a day (and more if needed) to ensure a clean and healthy environment. If your feline feels the need to explore or just relax in the window seat, overlooking the wooded surroundings, all can be done in our safe and nurturing cattery. Located in private quarters detached from our canine facility, our staff is always nearby to provide extra attention and treats throughout the day.  At night, soft classical music and comfortable temperatures allow for a pleasant rest.   


Breakfast at 9:00 AM... Dinner at 4:00 PM... Treats at noon just before siesta time. And of course, fresh water is available at all times.